The History of Community Thanksgiving

Over the Christmas holidays in 1998 Hudson's owner, Brian J. Carmines, chatting with Betsy Doughtie, executive director of The Deep Well Project, casually mentioned that he would be willing to host a "Community Thanksgiving Dinner" if there was community support for such an undertaking. Within days, Betsy had enlisted Allan and Gloria LaCoe, Jackie Johnson, and other members of St. Andrew By-The-Sea United Methodist Church to spearhead the volunteer organization.

In 1999, the first Community Thanksgiving Dinner was held at Hudson's Seafood House on the Docks. Some 500 meals were served. Over the years, Hudson's has felt like a second home to residents and visitors alike. This event has grown and touched thousands of peoples' lives who make the dinner a part of their family's celebration.

The Community Thanksgiving Dinner celebrates the best-ever free community family-style dinner, with over 400 volunteers serving more than 1600 guests. Many volunteers plan their vacations to coincide with the meal each year. Others welcome the busy distraction after losing loved ones, and some bring their families to give back to the community.